Let’s talk happiness is. How to feel happy in your day to day and some activities to help us reflect on what makes our lives great with an art journal.
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Art Journal Figure Out What Makes You Happy

Let’s talk happiness is. How to feel happy in your day to day and some activities to help us reflect on what makes our lives great with an art journal.What Makes You Happy?


Is there even a way to answer this with just one answer. Let’s talk about what happiness is, how to feel happy in your day to day and some activities to help us reflect on what makes our lives great including using an Art Journal to help us figure it all out.


Happiness Is

According to Webster happiness is:

feeling or showing pleasure or contentment. Synonyms: cheerful, cheery, merry, joyful, jovial, jolly, carefree, untroubled, delighted.

But what do you think happiness is? I think it is an afternoon with my kids or a rainy day at home. I think it’s sitting on the couch with my husband. It is a beautiful blue sky and an amazing day at the beach.


Let’s Brainstorm

Think and make a list of all the things that make you happy!

For me it is so many things my kids, my husband, my nephews, my yard, Disney, my dogs. This list keeps going.

So many things and so hard to pick just one! In reality I am happy. My life is great and I have almost everything I wished for when I was a little girl. But there is a problem here. Some days I’m not. Some days I’m anxious or I feel overwhelmed.


Even the Best Parts of Life can be Really Hard

Some Days I’m sad that nothing in my amazing world is going like I wanted it too. It is hard to explain, but I’m guessing that makes sense to you, because you may be feeling the same. Overwhelmed and anxious or depressed despite the fact that you look around and have it all. Being a Stay at home mom is wonderful and my biggest dream come true, however it is not the easiest thing.


It can be hard, lonely, redundant. There are so many frustrations and days that I would rather go back to work than have to clean the bathroom just one more time! Sometimes moms hide behind a mask, pretending all is well.  Some moms face depression, especially when it’s all new. It’s hard work juggling a house, a family, appointments, friendships, school.


No matter how much you love it, it is hard work with trying days!


But it’s ok! The First Thing to do is to Admit it!


Yes it’s hard

I feel lonely

Finding mom friends is almost impossible

I feel like I’m a bad mom

I want more time with my husband


See, when you admit it you can fix it. You can get help. Friends and family can be supportive. The worst thing we can do is hide behind the mask of perfection. Behind the instagram filter. I did it, and it sucked. One day I finally admitted to my mom and my brother how I was feeling and that changed it all.


I Figured it Out, but then What?

From there I found my kids art class. Which was an answer to prayer! I found friends, a routine, homeschool support, you name it I found it. Lauren’s art class is beyond words. She even has a ladies art class that meets once a month and guess what?!?! I go there too and it has helped me find a better way to express myself and work through more of my mask and hidden feelings. I love it! What is it? Art Journaling


This is what I have been doing to help myself figure things out.  I started to art journal. It has been a slow process that I started a few months back by going to an art journal class.


My boys art teacher suggested a mom class. Yess a class just for moms to sit and learn to express themselves. She goes all out. Mimosas, amazing coffee, snacks, the works. And then for two hours you just step back and either paint and clear your head or think through things. I love this! I love her!!


When You Find What You Love, Stick with It

Well, this class has actually spread into my personal life in a way I had hoped, but doubted it would. See, I love drawing and doodling, but I am HORRIBLE at it. I can’t even doodle in a pretty way, so I have always been self conscious at this. I just don’t do it. Well, I have been trying some of these techniques that she has taught us at home to make some fun art.


I even bought a doodle pad, similar to this one, for the class and to use at home. Well, I recently took it a step forward and got a bullet journal and turned it into a self care book. I doodle and right things and I draw things. I take ideas and quotes and and draw the characters that make me smile.


Don’t Stop, Keep Going

I just started so I know that I have more to go, but it is a start. I love it. In fact, I am encouraging everyone in my life to start one. Including my husband. Because the truth is that we are all human with all sorts of emotions. They are ar real part of us of you, and they will affect life. Our moods both good and bad will always affect how we are with those around us.


As a mom I want to be a good mom, a patient mom, a happy mom. I hope that I can keep my emotions balanced so that I can be a positive person with my kids. This doesn’t always happen. In fact this week I have been struggling and my short temper has come out. I am not proud of that, but as I said I am human and just a mom trying to figure it out.


As I assume you are too. A great mom, that has her own issues, problems, and history. You are a mom that wants the best for your family. You want to do what is best and do what you can. To do that you have to be able to take care of every aspect of your life, including your mental health.


There are so many ways for you to do this. An Art Journal is just one. Sometimes we don’t have the words we need to express ourselves which is why the art journal is so wonderful. It will help you to find your words and to express yourself in a good and positive way. Even when you are angry and upset, having an Art Journal will help you to get those frustrations out in a healthy way. In a way that you can learn from. In fact you can even look back in time and see how much you have grown and changed as a person.

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Please comment below and let me know how you are doing on the steps. What are your accomplishments that you are you working on? Are you looking forward to something new this week?


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