Taking small children to Disney can be hard, but don't miss out on all of the fun you can have with your little kids. Here is why you need to take them.
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Should I take my young children to Disney?

Taking youg kids to Disney. Why you should take your young kids.

This is the question that I seem to hear the most these days?


Why would you take a small child to Disney, they won’t remember a thing.


By young I mean children from birth to 3 year of age


Jump on any mommy Disney group and this is one of the most asked questions. Along with , does m kid need a stroller? It seems like an easy answer. YES! Disney is for kids, but young kids come with a whole set of things that they can and can not do.


For starters, they are little and they won’t remember.

They get tired and melt down, quickly.

Height requirements

Nursing, for the really little ones.


And, yes, the biggest reason is that they probably won’t remember a thing. They may, if you are lucky, have some really happy association with the vacation that may or may not change their life. I know I went when I was 4 and to this day I will not miss Snow White.

No one knows how their kids will react or what they will remember but wouldn’t it be nice to just enjoy a vacation with your little people, without worrying. I mean are they going to remember that beach trip any better?


I am of the mind that you should take your child with you no matter the age. I have been to Disney pregnant with both my children. The first one went on his first official trip when he was 7 months old. His brother went on his official first trip when he was 3 months old. You know what, they don’t remember a thing! But I do. All of it. And I have some amazing pictures and videos to show them how they met Mickey Mouse when he was still their hero.

My memories

I have cute videos of them racing to see their favorites and dong the hot dog dance with Mickey and the gang. I have pictures of them passed out from all of the fun. And I can close my eyes and see my baby giggling as he flew through the air with Dumbo. Yes, I do think you should take your little kids. They will have a fantastic time. You will too if you choose to focus on the good and not worry about all the things that come with kid, cause lets face it, parenting doesn’t stop on vacation, so why not parent at Disney.

My opinion and why

Yes, I do believe that you should take little kids to Disney.

I think that Disney is a special place for all kids no matter their age. They say from kids from 0 to 100, and I truly believe that your age does not matter when it comes to going to Disney. And the memories will always be priceless.

Reasons people might be concerned about their young kids

I do however, understand all the reasons why people think taking them is a bad idea, including

They are too young

They won’t remember

It is too germy, they will get sick

They could wander off and get lost

You’re spending so much money on a vacation they will forget.

All valid and true, but I still think you should do it. If we sat here and thought about it, we could come up with so many others,

Also, children who are under 3 years of age get in free. They can share your food. The money excuse is just that, because they are free. See Disney wants the little ones there.

Click here for tips on going to Disney with little kids.

Here are the reasons why you should take them

Little kids are the perfect age to meet Mickey

They still believe in all the magic

You will remember

Everywhere is germy, have you been to Target around flu season?

They won’t wander off because you can still restrain them

But if they do,  Disney has amazing security in place

You’re spending all of that money on a vacation that you will enjoy with your little's

If they are 3 and under they are free, your vacation will actually cost less than if you wait

They will always have a great time, because they are with you

You can push them in a stroller, great when you are running late, and for carrying    


They will enjoy all the little things, because they don’t know any better

There faces will light up because everything is big and magical

They will never ask if Mickey and the gang are real

You will cry watching them experience new things

You will forever have those memories

So yes, waiting a year or two is fine.

But if you want to take your one year old do it.

I promise that you won’t regret it. It will always be magical. It is pretty hard to not have a great time on a Disney vacation. I have been as a kid, teenager, adult, honeymooner, and now with kids. Every trip has been amazing. Even the one where I spent the day alone, because my friend ditched me for a nap. No matter how you go it will always be amazing.


You may need to plan a little more than grab a bottle of water, a magic band, and go, but it is worth it.

Also, remember that when you push a stroller, you don’t have to carry anything and let me tell you that your back will thank you! I’m dreading our next trip when we don’t have a stroller. My boys are finally big enough to walk, but mommy ain’t ready to be carrying all of the stuff.

Trust me you won’t regret it

Because when you go back and your kid is a teenager, who knows better, and would rather be anywhere else, you can close your eyes and remember how it felt when they still believed the magic, don’t worry they will again in a few years.

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