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Mom plans to recharge

Some great planning and scheduling ideas to help you get your day started right. These will help you create more structure and get organized to get you on your way to a more stress free and happier life.

I have some great planning and scheduling ideas to help you get your day started right!

I know most moms are planners with more than one journal or calendar where we write things down. But, what I have noticed at least for myself is that many times, all of those lists and boxes are filled with events for family members. It is rare that I even remember to write my own Dr’s appointments, let alone anything else. Which got me to thinking that I am sure that there are other moms who do the same thing. Forget to take care of themselves. As I write some of these suggestions I realize how many of them I fail to do myself . So lets look at some plans, structure, and ideas to get our days started on a positive note.

I know that this will serve as a reminder to you that you are just as important as anyone else in your family and that you should make it a priority to care for yourself so that you are able to take care of those little superheroes that need you. Let’s face it, a stressed, hungry, yucky feeling mom is not going to feel up to doing much. But a showered mom who has been powered by her coffee and pixie dust and is feeling like she is ready for a selfie, is ready to do all the silly things her kids want her to do! So, let’s aim to be those moms. The ones that appear to have it together even though we know we are only  qazvin hanging in there but only while the coffee lasts.

THIS WEEK’S: Mom’s  Daily Goals

1-Waking up on time!

Try to avoid hitting the snooze button. As hard as it is to just get up and start the day is, we need to just do it! Many times that will even give us just an extra few minutes of quiet time.
Shower and get dressed! Yes! Yoga pants count, so long as you have changed from your jammies from the night before. Be comfortable and wear something you don’t mind leaving your house in. Even if it is only into the yard.

Make your magical beverage of choice and enjoy it, hopefully warm but in cold sips throughout the day is fine too. For me it is coffee but, for you it is whatever makes you smile when you drink it! Somehow I got lucky and my husband got this amazing double insulated cup that keeps my coffee hot for hours. So please, invest in a great cup that you love.

2-Eating habits

Try to eat well. Don’t eat what your kids eat! I fell into that trap for years, but recently started making better lunch choices other than pb&j or left over chicken nuggets. I try to have leftovers ofr buy salad kits that will be easy to throw together. It’s important that you fuel yourself, not only with coffee, but also with things that will make you feel good. I know that finding the time for this isn’t always possible, but it should be something that we try to do for ourselves. Remember if we don’t have the energy we won’t be able to feel good enough to keep up with the kiddos so please, try to take care of yourself.

3-Finding a moment to just think

I homeschool, but you can also do this when they get home from school or any time of day that you feel that you are going to lose it. Try to go out in the yard with the kids when it is nice. My husband is huge on getting the kids outside so I try to go out. We also have a garden that he works on while I just go out and talk to him. Sometimes I zone out and read a book or catch up on my facebook. Most of the time I play some sort of throwing a ball game, but I do try to encourage the kids to play on their own so that my brain can just rest. Even if it is only for a couple o f minutes. For those moms who have older kids in School, just go for a walk, or sit in a chair and breathe some fresh air. I know that just going outside for me will totally reset my frame of mind.

4-Planning ahead

Meal Planning. So hard, I know. But many before me have said it and it is so true. After a long day I don’t want to think about what to make, I just want to make it. The weeks when I plan out the meals and buy everything ahead of time so that it is ready, things are easier. I enjoy cooking, and it goes quicker because I don’t have to think about it. The days that I leave it until the last minute I find that no matter how much time I spend on Pinterest nothing will look good, and I will cook with a bad attitude. And that is no fun!! So plan ahead and remember kids don’t like the fancy stuff, so good old taco Tuesday or homemade pizza night. Keep it simple and fun, because then you can actually enjoy eating instead of having to convince your kids that their food is delicious and they do indeed like it!

Quick tip: A dry erase board somewhere in the kitchen is a great idea. I have one on the side of my pantry. There I write notes, put my kids school schedule up. Leave reminders for myself and keep important info ready. I highly recommend that you do the same. It has been a life saver for me.

5-Next day planning.

Lately I have been trying to plan ahead. And if you know me, you know that that is a challenge, something I am so horrible at. I am a spontaneous by nature kind of a person. I hate planning and planners and writing things down. However, life has made me change and it has helped me so much. I now have 3 planners and my dry erase board and a giant note pad on my kitchen counter. But with two kids, a husband, a blog, friends and family, I need to write things down. I need reminders and calendars. This does make me sad, but also thankful that at 8 am (when I’m still asleep) or at 8 pm (when I am going to sleep) I don’t have to think or remember. It is all right there and I can just follow along. Trust me! Planning and writing is key to being a sane mom. My sister in law just told me she doesn’t’ plan. And I smiled and thought she was crazy! So, Write, Write, Write. Plan, you don’t have to stick to it but you at least have a general guideline.

6-Hobbies to recharge
Find a Hobby! I knit. That is my hobby, one that I told my husband I would never do and here I am 5 years later trying to sell my stuff. I try to knit daily, but that doesn’t always happen. After the kids go to sleep my husband and I watch tv and I knit and clear my head. Knitting is not for everyone (but I do recommend it highly) so find what you love. Reading. Gardening. Exercising. Writing or blogging. Anything that will clear your mind and remind you that you are not just a mom, but also a person who enjoys different things in life other than just the kids as well as, someone who needs to recharge to start the next day on a positive note.

Finally- Bed Time

GO TO BED! I recently had my husband set an alarm on my phone reminding me to go to bed. I will stay up knitting and watching tv until the sun comes out because I love it, but then I am cranky and no good for anyone the next day. So I now try to get my 7 hours of sleep nightly. It’s easier to get up without the snooze and on weekends so that when the kids are up I don’t feel as bad because I have rested too. Sleep is so important for you! Make sure you schedule it in if you have to, just like me. We are all so busy and there are never enough hours in the day, but it will all be there tomorrow

So, good luck to you and I hope that some of these scheduled ideas or goals help you and that you can implement them in your daily life. But for now, there is always pixie dust in your coffee to keep you going!


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