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Hi! I’m Alex, a Certified Confidence Coach for Women with a Masters in Psychology.

I teach women how to ignite self- confidence, cultivate empowering habits, and achieve unstoppable success. My program will help you learn mindset mastery and lose the guilt and self doubt so that they can reach their goals to build the life that they want. 

You will learn how to face the work and challenge of being successful as a woman  without doubt, guilt, or fear. STOP wondering if you are making the right choice and believe in yourself again. 

When you are confident you will be full of energy and confidence constantly achieving your goals, so that you know that you are being successful in what matters to you.

Finally, I show you how to feel successful in both your home and work life.  No more letting people tell you you should do things differently and then you will be happy.  Learn how to establish strong and solid boundaries to help you

By teaching you to build your emotional and mental strength, you will be able stop the self doubt so that you can reclaim your Confidence to find balance, joy, and confidence so that you don’t have to give up time with your family as you grow your business and reach your goals. 

I help women silence feelings of guilt and being “not enough” so they can create the life they want to live and enjoy every moment of every day. 

Most women have big dreams for their lives, but they struggle under the weight of self-doubt. I help women break through their limiting self-doubt so they can live to their full potential in every area of life. 

My mission is to remind women that they are UNSTOPPABLE and IRREPLACEABLE and to show them how to find joy in their daily lives as they build their confidence and start to see themselves exactly like others do, the AMAZING women that they are!

Imagine having unshakeable confidence so that you can create the life you’ve always wanted — strong family and friend relationships, a thriving business, and a happy life! 

Let me show you quick and easy ways to stop doubting yourself or letting that self doubt or guilt creep in.

Imagine a life like this…

  • You wake up in the morning and feel excited to tackle your day
  • You’re confident in who you are and no longer have to compare to anyone on social media
  • Your house is clean and your business is growing because you have time to work on it all
  • You know how to say no when you need a break, and you don’t feel guilty about it

If you are feeling burnt out,  irritable, guilty, sad or lonely, and stressed out then, follow these steps to start building your confidence TODAY!

Start building your confidence NOW, so that you  can feel peace and joy again. 

Step 1:

Schedule a FREE Confidence Breakthrough Session where we identify what is keeping you up at night and what is keeping you from building your confidence. I will give you a FREE Confidence Building Master Plan where I will show you the steps you need to take to start building your confidence as well as  the 1 thing that you can do get started. At the end we can talk about your next steps and see if my program is the right fit for you.

Step :2

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Step 3 – Download your Free Confidence Vision Board to get started!


Step 4:

Let’s work together.

  • If you are looking for support to get you through those hard moments of the day
  • If you want to stop irritability and frustration, and feeling overwhelmed
  • If you want to reclaim your confidence, reach your goals, stop the doubt, and find happiness Click here to get started

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