Hey there! My name is Alex, I am a Certified Confidence Coach for women, I am also a homeschooling boy mom, and CEO of my own business.

Here’s my story… 

It wasn’t that long ago that someone handed me a baby, helped me to my car and said, “Well congratulations, enjoy!” and left me there wondering what I was going to do now. 

I had always dreamed about being a mom, but I didn’t realize what that truly meant. Who really does? 

Not the part where you have a beautiful baby that you love so much, but the reality of taking care of that baby. The non stop EVERYTHING. Feeding. Laundry. Cleaning. No sleep. You know, the constant demands of being a mom that don’t ever end on top of everything else that you need to do. 

Then throw on the part where YOU stop being YOU because others need you more. The part where you give yourself up and then can’t find yourself again no matter how hard you try.

All of a sudden I didn’t know what to do.

I was scared and overwhelmed with absolutely no idea if I was “getting it right” or if I would ever be a good mom. I questioned everything that I did. And when I couldn’t do things on my own, I convinced myself that I was going to fail. My emotions spiraled out of control and I fell into postpartum depression.

As I started getting help and working through my struggles, I learned to slow down. Learned to trust myself again, and I learned how to take care of myself so I could take care of my son. 

In time I learned how to find strength on the inside, how to trust myself, and how to be confident in who I am. I also learned different techniques to help me build emotional resilience and reach the goals I have for myself.


Today, I run my own business, I homeschool my two boys, and I can truly say that I enjoy my life and everything that I do.

And I want YOU to have a life you love, too!

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