First Birthday Cake. Making the best out of a mistake on an important day.

What happens when mom messes up the cake?

First Birthday Cake. Making the best out of a mistake on an important day.

It’s a mothers planning worst nightmare. You are so excited for your babies big day,his first birthday,and you have all of these great ideas but then it all starts to fall apart! You realize the cake you were planning on, the extra pricey, delicious, raspberry cake that you splurged on so it would all be perfect is a pink cake!

Normally that wouldn’t be a big deal but it turns out that it is your baby boys first birthday. The one you want to remember. His first really big day with all the decorations and party ideas and all the planning to make it just right.  You think that everything is going to be perfect. Until you open the box and his cake is pink. What do you do? Toss it? Get another one? Spray it? Make your own? Just sit down and cry?

There are two possible options 1- panic or 2-go with it and realize moms make mistakes sometimes and know that it will work out In the end.

So, which do you do?

Very recently this very thing happened to my friend. And let me tell you that I’m still laughing about it. In the end it all worked out, but it was an emotional few hours.

My friend went through the 3 stages of The I got the wrong cake syndrome. She called me in a panic, then considered ordering a new cake, but quickly realized it wasn’t a plausible choice. She then ran to Michael’s and bought blue cake paint spray. Yes, that’s a true story. She was going to spray paint the cake. At this point she was dreading telling her husband, who by the way had approved the raspberry flavored birthday cake.

So after a long while of panic, worry, disappointment, and disbelief, She decided to go with it. She would just tone down the pink and highlight it with a blue bear her husband was going to make for it anyway. She took the rest of the jokes quite well really, and faced the big guy when he came home. He in turn said oh well, we know it tastes really good and that’s what matters. So he proceeded to build the big blue bear for the top.

I must say that I was quite proud of both of them!

They got it all done and at the end of the day it was a fantastic party. All the little guests had fun, the big guests ate well, and all of us enjoyed the delicious pink bear cake! Which I might add was super tasty and I’m so excited it will be served at the next party too!

So why am I sharing this crazy story. Well, because moms aren’t perfect. We want to plan and have things turn out perfect, but that ain’t always the case. No matter how much we do we can never be positive that something won’t happen. We have to be prepared for anything that may pop up. For instance, you decide to focus more on flavor than looks and your little guys cake is pink.

You momma have gone above and beyond to get the best cake and you know what, your son loves it and he was happy. And that is all that matters No one cares what the cake looks like but there are tons of pics of a baby enjoying his first cake right next to his mamma.

Moms,we are way to hard on ourselves and worse people make us feel worse sometimes, even if that isn’t the intention.

The important thing is that we don’t let that happen. That we always remember that we are doing the best that we can for our family. We are great and not perfect and full of flaws and crazy mishaps. But one thing’s for certain. No one is going to doubt how much you love your family at the end of the day and that is what matters the most!

Now get out there and go get a pink cake! Enjoy it with your kids and laugh a lot because that is what is important. That is what they will remember.

And remember, think positive to make a better life and go make yourself a cup of coffee with extra pixie dust.

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