How Knitting Can Stop Anxiety


Are you a knitter?

If not keep reading to learn some amazing benefits. If yes, then you know how amazing you feel when you knit.

Do you know why?

It releases Dopamine which makes you feel good, happy.

Knitting can also  provide a sense of control that reduces feelings of uncertainty or overthinking. It does this by helping your to relax and to breathe, therefore feeling more calm.

A simple google search will show you all of the positive benefits that can come with knitting.

My personal favorite benefit is that "the meditative and repetitive action of both knitting and crocheting help to focus the mind on the activity, thereby slowing the nervous system and reducing anxiety and stress hormones (cortisol) in the body". - henryford.com


Knitting is an incredible tool that can be helpful when coping with the very difficult things that may present themselves in your life.

Knitting has been used effectively to help people who are coping with depression. This is also true of people who have extreme  anxiety. I know that it helped me get through the most stressful part of my life.

Because of this I wanted to be able to teach others the skills that I have used in the past and continue to use now to help redirect anxiety, depression, and overwhelm.

You've heard the rule - when you learn something good, spread it around to others. Ok, I don't know if I made it up or read it somewhere but it is true regardless.

I wanted to share what I already know that helps me and I absolutely and positively know that it will help you too.

So, if you knit, hit the subscribe button as fast as possible so you don't miss out on all the news and tips on how to use knitting in a positive way for your daily stress.

But what if you don't knit?

No worries, I will show you the basics in a short video I will be posting shortly. There is also a plethora of tutorials on line and I am sure you can learn in your community.  So keep your eye out for the short tutorial.

But the fun doesn't stop there... no!

We will also be

  • sharing projects and patterns from some of my favorite professional knitters.
  • I will be teaching online on both knitting and anxiety.
  • We will have online events to encourage you as we work on all of this together.
  • I will also be hosting an in person even for those who are near by in the future.
  • Oh, and don't forget to check out my Anxiety Journal, with a crafty twist, so that you can follow along.  This is definitly the camp to be at this year!

This camp is going to be epic. You don't want to miss out! Join today!

Grab your needles your yarn, your coffee, and hit the button below! See you at the camp.



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