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How to Get Clear and Be Confident

Now that you know and are clear on what confidence is and what it is not, let’s take a look at how we can get it.  Once you have confidence you will see your achievement build as you

Let me ask you, Do you think that Confidence comes to us Naturally or do you believe that we have to work at it, build it up and keep learning to use the skills as we need them. 

It’s a little of both. In fact if you google it, you will see that there have been several studies done on the subject. Lot’s of them are quite interesting. Here is one interesting study on Manipulating Brain Activity to boost Confidence from Science  If you enjoy that sort of thing I encourage you to go look for some and see what you think is the cause of confidence.

We all possess this innate desire to explore, test limits, and we don’t worry about what others think.

From what I have studied and learned, I have come to the conclusion that we are born with the Confidence gene.

We all possess this innate desire to explore, test limits, and we don’t worry about what others think. As little kids we all possess that ability. It isn’t until we begin to experience the lessons of life that all of that changes.

We begin to lose our Confidence due to negative reactions that we experience throughout our childhood, adolescence, and young adult hood. Experiences happen that can have negative effects. Maybe we fail. Maybe we are embarrassed or laughed at.

Being clear on your goals will help you get motivated to be confident.

Sometimes we learn to get up and try again, but sometimes we accept the negative response as reality. 

These then become negative thoughts that we have about ourselves.

Being Clear on your Goals will help you build motivation and boost confidence
Experience tells you what to do; Confidence allows you to do it.

We limit ourselves in an attempt to protect ourselves and our feelings.  Overtime these negative ideas of ourselves become our reality. We believe that we aren’t capable or deserving of things. In turn we live in our safety net or comfort zone. 

Well, what about those people who continue to be confident? Do they not face similar negative scenarios. Yes, they do. However, they are able to confront the fear of  rejection or fear of failure. They face it head on and keep going. These people tend to make great leaders because they are able to look past the negative and focus on the goal. And because they don’t fear failure, they are self-assured. Confident

So what do we do with these negative ideas or limiting beliefs? 

Will they keep you from achieving Confidence or living your best life?

Will they help you get clear and be confident?

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