Anxiety-What is it?

Anxiety… What is it and Four tips to help you beat it.

Anxiety is something that we have all heard of, and many have experienced at one point in time or another. Especially in recent days, everyone seems to be suffering from increased worry and anxiety. Panic attacks also seem to be happening because many people simply aren’t sure how to manage everything that is going on around them.

Another issue that anxiety can cause is increased irritability and anger. Sometimes you will feel like you just can’t control how upset and irritable things will make you. This can also happen in daily life. There are times when we tend to be anxious about things that are out of our control. As our worry increases, so does our irritability or our bad mood.

Anxiety is a reaction to situations perceived as stressful or dangerous. It is also how we respond to unfamiliar situations that make us uncomfortable and it is a worry that things will not work out well and will cause you distress or uneasiness before anything has occurred.

Did you know that you worry because you are trying to protect yourself? It is a reaction to dealing with things that you perceive as problematic or dangerous. It is a natural reaction to keeping you and your family safe.

How do I know if I have Anxiety?

Most common symptoms people describe are:

  • Butterflies in your stomach
  • Difficulty concentrating.
  • Increased heart rate
  • Pounding in your ears
  • Sweaty hands
  • Poor concentration
  • Irritability

Anxiety will cause a feeling of panic and dread

Dealing with anxiety on a daily basis does make life difficult. Simple tasks become hard or you procrastinate until you are overwhelmed.

Are there different types of Anxiety?

There are many types of anxiety. We all tend to suffer from anxiety at different times in our lives. This can be anything from a mild or severe reaction, we all have experienced it at times. The difference is how we are able to handle these feelings of anxiety. For some it is hard to move on and others are able to decrease their anxiety by using simple techniques

GAD or generalized anxiety disorder is the most common form of anxiety and affects the majority of people. People with GAD often report that they are constantly worried and will feel restless. They have a difficult time being able to concentrate. This anxiety is usually caused but by an increased concern about family issues, work problems, health problems, and financial concern. People who suffer from GAD have a difficult time not worrying about things.

What can you do to help you feel better?

There are several ways to treat anxiety, depending on the severity.

If you have severe anxiety which is impairing your ability to function or complete your daily tasks it is imperative that you seek medical help. Your primary care physician or social worker can start you on the right path.

If you feel that your anxiety is being caused by general stress of life then there are several things that may help you get refocused and feeling less out of control

5 ways to help reduce feelings of Anxiety

1 Therapy.
If you have severe anxiety you will need help sorting out all of those feelings. It can become hard to focus on any one thing or activity. There are several types of therapy that may work for you. Your doctor will help you decide which style of therapy is best. Therapist are licensed professionals who can provide ongoing therapy to help you learn why you are anxious, what causes that anxiety, and how you can work through your anxiety.

2 Coaching.
A life coach is someone that you can speak to that will help you be able to process your thoughts and feelings. They will understand what anxiety is and how it can affect you. They are easy to speak with, and are a safe person to talk to about what worries you. Being able to talk out your problems can be a big help when learning to refocus. Coaches are not licensed professionals, they do not provide therapy nor help with medication. However they are great for listening and helping you talk through the things that are problems. They can help you set goals to work towards daily to help you refocus and reduce worry.

3 Healthier Life style.
Studies have shown that people who have lower anxiety levels can manage it on their own thought exercise, healthy eating, and increased sleep. These are all good tips that will help you to feel better in general. However, when your body is in good shape you are better able to deal with problems that will affect you. Sleep is vital in helping your body to heal and resting your mind. Staying active helps you because you are focusing on big feelings. Exercise will release endorphins which will help you to feel good. People with anxiety will develop a bad habit of being sedentary, which is not good for you. Staying active will also distract you from only focusing on your problems.

4 Journaling
When you journal you begin to express your feelings and your concerns about things. You can express the thing that you are worried about. When you journal you can track things that trigger your worry and your anxiety. You can express things that you are fearful of and begin to work on goals that will help you to solve problems. This will help you to feel prepared and know that you have a plan to deal with things that are worrying you. Journaling will help you to identify your negative thoughts and will help you to identify negative self talk, providing and opportunity to help you change how you think about yourself.

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There are other ways that will help you deal with anxiety or with panic attacks. But these first 4 steps will help you to evaluate the level of anxiety that you may be suffering and will help guide you to the appropriate level of care.

Take time to think about your feelings and how you are functioning in your daily life. Depending on how you feel, then you can take the necessary steps to start to feel better.

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