You have to unplug and take some time for your self to feel better and more positive to find yourself. Make yourself a priority and feel better.
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Believe you can, you are AMAZING

Follow me Believe you can, then you will. – Mulan   Women are taught so many things as they grow up. In this world we are now teaching our girls to Dream Big. We teach them to believe you can, then you will! But what does that mean? For most it is a career, with …

Sometimes, cute isn’t what we want. We want to look good, feel better about ourselves. So what can we do to feel better. Here are 5 tips to help you.
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Look Good Feel Better, 5 Top Tips to Help you

Follow me 20 MINUTE IDEA TO HELP YOU LOOK GOOD AND FEEL BETTER   The mom look. You know what I’m talking about. Yoga pants, messy buns, sling bags. It is classic and we all rock it more days than we want to admit. And really it isn’t all bad. It is comfortable and most …

As a Homeschool Mom I am always looking for fun ways to sneak in Field Trips. We took a trip to Disney World and here is how we homeschool at Disney.
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How to Homeschool at Disney – EPCOT

Follow me Homeschooling at Disney   As a Homeschool Mom I am always looking for fun ways to do school. I also try to sneak in Field Trips when I can. Last fall our family took a week long trip to Disney World. My favorite vacation destination. I mean why would you go anywhere else? …